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Spitfire Gold  Veterans Competition 2017-18
Our thanks once again to Shepherd-Neame who have provided Sponsorship to this competition for a 4th consecutive year,via their Spitfire Gold branding.
Principles of the competition.
Competition Objectives
1.     This year, we have stayed at 24 clubs, meaning that Tier 1 (which plays for the Cup) will have 16 teams, whilst Tier 2, which plays for the Bowl, will have 8 teams.
2.     The aim of the Competition is to help sustain Vets rugby in Kent by providing a coherent, meaningful and enjoyable competition for older players.
3.   The  first principle is that we should strive to conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly, hospitable and sporting manner in our dealings with one another.
4.     There is no point in playing rugby unless we are trying to win but participation is also important and all participants should make every effort to get their matches played – and on time.
5.     Sunday afternoons are preferred to encourage wider support and boost club bar profits.
6.     The competition is divided into two Tiers, to cater for larger and smaller clubs – in the interests of realistic competition.
7.     The Pool stages are grouped geographically to avoid excessive travelling
8.     This year, there  will be a Cup, Plate and Shield Final in the Tier 1 and a Bowl final for Tier 2, to be played on a finals day in the County Town.  
Competition Rules
The structure is Pools of 4 teams playing 3 games each, followed by Cup, Plate and Shield Semi-Finals for the teams finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Tier 1 pools and  Bowl Semi-Finals for the teams finishing 1st & 2nd in Tier 2 pools. (This means that the four teams finishing lowest in Tier 1 and 2 will not progress to Semi-Finals).   
1.     Group stages to follow the same rules and points scoring system as the Shepherd Neame Kent Rural Leagues except:
·       No limit on size of squad and number of replacements used
·       No players under 35
·       Maximum of 5 players in 35-39 age group on the field at any time.
·       Front row rules as per Kent Rural except that if a team becomes unable to contest scrums, they lose a player from the field of play. (This is intended to combat “tactical injuries” to front-row players)
2.     Knockout stages as above.  In the event of a tie after 80 minutes, the away team wins, except in the Finals, when a tied game will be awarded to the team scoring most tries, or if still tied, most converted tries or if still tied, drop-goal shoot-out for 5 players.
3.     All games to be played on or before the default date except where weather intervenes.  Matches to be re-arranged by agreement of both teams and the organizers.
4.     There is no requirement for participants to be paid-up club members of the participating clubs, as we are trying to encourage retired players to turn out 4 or 5 times a season with their old mates. Each club can handle this as they see fit.
5.     Home team to provide food and society ref.
Notes to Spitfire Gold Veterans Competition 2017-18.
1.      Semi-Finals default date is Sun feb 25th, Finals day is Sunday March 18th.
2.      In Tier 1, The winners of each pool will progress to Cup semi-finals, A vs B, C vs D
3.      In Tier 1, The Runners-up of each pool will progress to  Plate semi-finals, A vs B, C vs D.
4.      In Tier 1, The 3rd placed teams will play one another for a place in the shield final, A vs B, C vs D
5.      In Tier 2, The winners of both pools will play the runners up of both pools for a place in the Bowl final
6.      Semi Final Home draw will go to any team that received only 1 home game in the pool stages.  If this applies to both of a pair of semi-finalists, the home-draw will go to the team with most Pool-stage points.
7.      Pool stage points will be allocated as per Junior League structure ie 4 points for a win, 3 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for forfeit, 1 bonus point for a losing score within 7 points of winners.
8.      Please contact Kent Refs Society asap, to book society referees.

Pool Tables as at 5th Feb 2018

Group A Tier 1                                                                               *Signifies Losing Bonus point 
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 15th Oct Maidstone Thanet Away Win 21-26*
Sunday 15th Oct Canterbury Ashford Away Win 12-19*
Sunday 19th Nov Thanet Ashford Home win 29-24*
Sunday 19th Nov Maidstone Canterbury Home win 24-17*
Sunday 11th Feb Ashford Maidstone Away Win 5-12*
Sunday 11th Feb Thanet Canterbury Away Win 7-31
Group B Tier 1
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 15th Oct T Wells Aylesford Home win 21-17*
Sunday 3rd Dec N A G Medway Home W/O 40-0
Sunday 19th Nov T Wells Medway Home win 33-5
Sunday 19th Nov Aylesford NAG Away win 29-60
Sunday 11th Feb NAG T Wells Home Win 14-10*
Sunday 11th Feb Medway Aylesford Away Win 17-29
Group C Tier 1
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 15th Oct Beckenham Colfes Away Win 12-33
Sunday 15th Oct C Park Combe HWO 40-0
Sunday 19th Nov C Park Beckenham AWO 0-40
Sunday 19th Nov Combe Colfes HWO 40-0
Sunday 11th Feb Combe Beckenham Home Win 50-0 (40-0)
Sunday 11th Feb Colfes C Park AWO 0-40

Group D Tier 1
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 15th Oct Sidcup Dunstonians HWO 40-0
Sunday 15th Oct Sevenoaks Bromley HWO 40-0
Sunday 19th Nov Dunstonians Sevenoaks AWO 40-0
Sunday 19th Nov Sidcup Bromley Home win 57-0 (40-0)
Sunday 11th Feb Bromley Dunstonians HWO 40-0
Sunday 11th Feb Sevenoaks Sidcup Postponed 
pitch unplayable
Group E Tier 2
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 3rd Dec Sittingbourne Sheppey HWO 40-0
Sunday 15th Oct Cranbrook Anchs away win 15-36
Sunday 19th Nov Anchs Sheppey Home Win 10-5*
Sunday 19th Nov Sittingbourne Cranbrook Home W/O 40-0
Sunday 11th Feb Sheppey Cranbrook HWO 40-0
Sunday 11th Feb Anchs Sittingbourne Home Win 40-7
Group F Tier 2
Default Date Home Team Away team Result Score
Sunday 15th Oct Vigo Beccs Away win 10-29
Sunday 15th Oct Gravesendians Elthamians Void  0-0
Sunday 19th Nov Vigo Gravesendians Void 0-0
Sunday 19th Nov Elthamians Beccs Away win 14-25
Sunday 11th Feb Elthamians Vigo Away Win 0-65 (0-40)
Sunday 11th Feb Beccs Gravesendians Away Win 11-17*
Spitfire Gold Semi-Finals Draw, to be played on Sunday 25th February
Trophy Home Team Away Team  
Tier 1 Spitfire Gold Cup New Ash Green Maidstone 24-15
Tier 1 Spitfire Gold Cup Westcombe Park Sevenoaks AWO
Tier 1  Spitfire Gold Plate Charlton Park Sidcup HWO
Tier 1 Spitfire Gold Plate Tunbridge Wells Thanet Frozen
Tier 1 Spitfire Gold Shield Canterbury Aylesford 18-0
Tier 1 Spitfire Gold Shield Bromley Beckenham 14-31
Tier 2 Spitfire Gold Bowl Sittingbourne Beccehamians 34-23
Tier 2 Spitfire Gold Bowl Old Gravesendians Ashford 48-19

                      Results of Spitfire Gold Finals played on May 8th at The Mote, Maidstone
Trophy For Winning Finalist Losing Finalist Score
Spitfire Gold Shield Teams finishing 3rd in top-tier Pool Canterbury Beckenham 17-10
Spitfire Gold Plate Teams finishing 2nd in Top Tier Pool Thanet Tunbridge Wells 46-7
Spitfire Gold Bowl Teams finishing 1st or 2nd in Lower Tier Old Gravesendians Sittingbourne 17-13
Spitfire Gold Cup Teams finishing top of top-tier Pool Sevenoaks New Ash Green 50-12


The Late Red Veterans Trophy was established in 2014/15 as a competition for clubs in Rural Kent.  It was re-branded in 2016-17 as the Spitfire Gold Veterans Trophy and expanded to include Kent Clubs from the Kent Metropolitan area.

Trophy Winners 2016-17 Losing Finalists
CUP Thanet Sevenoaks
PLATE Westcombe Park Ashford
BOWL New Ash Green Aylesford
SHIELD Sittingbourne  Sheppey


Trophy Winners 2015-16 Losing Finalists
CUP Sevenoaks Tunbridge Wells
PLATE Maidstone Canterbury Cardinals
BOWL New Ash Green Ash
SHIELD Medway Sittingbourne


Trophy Winners 2014-15 Losing Finalists
CUP Maidstone Thanet
PLATE Aylesford Tonbridge Judds
BOWL Ash New Ash Green
SHIELD Medway Cranbrook





Supporters Man of the Match

2018-19 London Division 2 (SE) 

  Team Pl Pts
1 Aylesford 0 0
2 Beckenham 0 0
3 Charlton Park 0 0
4 Deal & B 0 0
5 Dover 0 0
6 Gravesend 0 0
7 Haywards Heath 0 0
8 Heathfield & W 0 0
9 Horsham  0 0
10 Maidstone 0 0
11 O Colfeians 0 0
12 Thanet Wdrs 0 0

last updated 05/06/18

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